Mobile Phones


How should I dispose of my old cell phone?

Because cell phones and other electronic items contain hazardous materials and are highly recyclable, disposing of them in a landfill is not the best way to manage them. Donating your cell phone for reuse is an environmentally preferred alternative to disposal. Many schools, non-profit and charitable organizations often accept working cell phones and electronic items. For recycling centers in your area, see the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’s Web page at

If your cell phone is from a business and you do not recycle it, you must evaluate it to determine if it exhibits a characteristic of hazardous waste. For more information, visit: Ohio EPA’s guidance “Management of Electronic Waste from Businesses.”

Many of your local cell phone stores will recycle your phones and there is a cell phone drop off box located inside the Pike County Government Center.
The Pike County Government Center
230 Waverly Plaza
Waverly, Ohio 45690

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