Scrap metal includes ferrous metals (iron and steel) and nonferrous materials (aluminum, copper, tin, brass). Many of our home appliances are made of metals. This includes our washers & dryers, refrigerators, ovens & stoves and water heaters. Waste from unwanted appliances can be categorized in two main types: refrigerants (Freon) and non-refrigerants.

The Metal Recycling Process

The recycling process for metal is similar to those of other materials. It is best described in four stages:

1. Collection

2. Processing

3. Shredding

4. Selling

After collection and proper sorting, the scrap is compacted. It is then sold to minimills, which process them to steel. According to, “processing scrap metal to steel instead of virgin ore require about 74 percent less energy.”

Tips for Recycling

· Have the delivery company for your new appliance, take the old with them. These companies can either recycle the unit or properly dispose of it

· Have a professional disassemble your appliance and take the appropriate materials to recyclers in your area

· If the appliance is still working, sell it on online, donate it to ta charity or give it to a friend

Pike County has two locations where Metals can be taken for recycling:
Barker’s Recycling
4024 Bobo Road
Beaver, Ohio 45613
(740) 226-5865
Daniels Metal Company
507 West Second Street
Waverly, Ohio 45690
(740) 947-1300

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