Recycling Outreach

Recycling Events and Cleanup Events

The Pike County Solid Waste District continually works on recycling programs for the community. With our efforts, we hope to inspire and educate people of all ages to take small steps to take part in the global movement for waste reduction and green lifestyle choices.

We would be pleased to create and deliver a program for your classroom, organization or event. Please contact Daphne Mosley at 740-947-4104 for more information.

The Pike County Solid Waste Management District has recycling containers and other supplies available to borrow for any organization sponsoring an event in Pike County, Ohio.

– There is no charge to borrow the containers and supplies however, events that do not return the containers or return them late, significantly soiled, odorous, with stickers affixed (other than the ones provided for labeling), or damaged beyond use will be charged for replacement, cleaning and/or late fees.

– Containers and supplies are reserved in the order properly completed request forms are received.

– To borrow some of these containers and supplies please complete the form below by mailing it to 116 S. Market Street, Suite 103, Waverly, Ohio 45690, emailing it to, or faxing it to 740-941-4308.

– Each form submitted is for one event!

Equipment Request Form

2021 America Recycles Day Poster


America Recycles Day Word Search
American Recycles Day PowerPoint
America Recycles Day

The Pike County Solid Waste District held their annual America Recycles Day Poster Contest with all of the 2nd Grade Classes in Pike County again this year. America Recycles Day is a nationally recognized day that celebrates and promotes recycling in the United States and falls on November 15th.  On this day, people are encouraged to spread the word about the benefits of recycling and to practice recycling themselves. We announced the winners during the week of November 8, 2021.  Unfortunately this year, Spotless could not visit the schools for pictures, but below is a list of the contest winners.   On November 15th, help Spotless the Litter Hound celebrate America Recycles day by reminding people to reduce, reuse and recycle.

The Pike County Solid Waste District would also like to thank all the Pike County School Districts for participating in our Poster Contest each year.

Pike County Overall Grand Prize Winner – Ella Allman


Miracle City Academy
1st Place – Atayvia Hickenbottom
2nd Place – Lucas Tackett

Eastern – Mrs. Alley’s Class
1st Place –Abagail Akers
2nd Place – Madi Henderson
3rd Place – Jaxon Gurnery

Eastern – Mrs. Blanton’s Class
1st Place – Khloe Howman
2nd Place – Addam Green
3rd Place – Marian Farmer

Eastern – Mrs. Fox’s Class
1st Place – Gavyn Holbrook
2nd Place – Emily Griffin
3rd Place – Carter Garrison

Eastern – Mrs. King’s Class
1st Place – Kaylee Foster
2nd Place – Sadie Brown
3rd Place – Regen Lyons

Western – Mrs. Henderson’s Class
1st Place – Zailee Carroll
2nd Place – Nycole Blevins
3rd Place – McKayla Buckler

Western – Mrs. Pernell’s Class
1st Place – Carlie Flint
2nd Place – Braylee Knisley
3rd Place – Alayna Lusk

Western – Mrs. Smith’s Class
1st Place – David Harmon
2nd Place – Alison Franklin
3rd Place – Robert Tackett

Jasper – Mrs. Gullion’s Class

1st Place – Adyson Gaines

2nd Place – Kamryn Wallace

3rd Place – Abigail Reno

Jasper – Ms. Montgomery’s Class
1st Place – Abigail Hager
2nd Place – Keegan Robbins
3rd Place – Emma Smith

Jasper – Mr. Montgomery’s Class

1st Place – Cailynn Gambill
2nd Place – Marlee Sparks
3rd Place – Tucker Roberts

Jasper – Mrs. Neu’s Class
1st Place – Oliver Fox
2nd Place – Mackenzie Chandler
3rd Place – Alivia Willis

Jasper – Mrs. Tackett’s Class
1st Place – Alyssa Alley – Harris
2nd Place – Gracie Galloway
3rd Place – Kailey Dunn

Waverly – Mrs. Caplinger’s Class

1st Place – Mckenzie Clark

2nd Place – Mia Speakman

3rd Place – Gillianna Sapp

Waverly – Mrs. Crabtree’s Class

Overall Pike County Grand Prize Winner – Ella Allman

1st Place – Oaklie Walls

2nd Place – Lynnix Cutler

3rd Place – Anit Dubey

Waverly – Mrs. Longcoy’s Class

1st Place – Adalyn Dryden

2nd Place – Journey Hensley

3rd Place – Thaxton Wallace

Waverly – Mrs. Spriggs’ Class

1st Place – Emmy Craumer

2nd Place – Mackenzie Martin

3rd Place – Waylon Crabtree

Waverly – Mrs. Williams’ Class

1st Place – Hadassah Sheets

2nd Place – Kennedy Comer

3rd Place – Jordan Whitmore

Waverly – Mrs. Yelley’s Class

1st Place – Trey Daniel

2nd Place – Gavin Smith

3rd Place – Paige Jude

Waverly – Mrs. Young’s Class

1st Place – Tayler Ferguson

2nd Place – Brogan Moore

3rd Place – Gunnar Corwin

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