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To benefit the residents of Pike County, The Pike County Office of Community and Economic Development coordinates and manages various activities including infrastructure and housing improvement programs, community facilities improvement projects, county sewer, solid waste and recycling services, as well as business development services.

2015 CDBG 2nd Public Hearing

The Pike County Solid Waste Management District has 12 Recycling Drop off Sites throughout the County. These recycling drop off sites are a free service to the residents of Pike County to help reduce the amount of waste being sent to the landfill, to help conserve natural resources, and to help prevent pollution. The recycling drop off sites can only accept aluminum cans, cardboard, paper, News paper, plastic bottles, plastic jugs (pop, water, juice, etc…) and plastic household cleaning containers (bottles/jugs). Many of the residents of Pike County are using the recycling drop off sites and we appreciate your efforts to help us keep our community clean.

However, for the past several months we have been finding large amounts of food and trash at some of the drop off sites. The food and trash attract animals and they are scattering the food and trash around making a large mess and is a problem for the people living around these areas. We ask that you please stop leaving the food and trash at the drop off sites. We are asking those of you who are recycling at these sites to please help us deter those people who are leaving food and trash. If you see or know of anyone leaving food or trash please call Daphne Mosley at 740-947-4104 or Frank Hoover and Ed Borders at 740-648-7649. If we continue to get food and trash at these sites we may be forced to remove them from your area so please only leave the recyclables listed above.

Thank you,
Pike County Solid Waste Management District

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